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The highest restaurant in Northen Europe and Saint Petersburg

Spectacular restaurant Floor 41 is the highest point of Russian northern capital located at altitude of 145,5 meters. You could enjoy the panoramic view of the city: airport Pulkovo, Gulf of Finland, St. Isaak's cathedral and many other sights of Saint Petersburg. Floor 41 is located in Leader Tower — the first and the only skyscraper of Saint Petersburg Leader Tower which is famous for it's multimedia facade.

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Brand Chef

Arthur Yavorskiy Arthur Yavorskiy

Floor 41 is not only about the panoramic view, but, first of all, about the author's cuisine. The cuisine concept of the Floor 41 restaurant is headed by Arthur Yavorsky — young, talented and ambitious brand chef. "The position of the brand chef gives me the opportunity to cook what I want, to embody my boldest culinary ideas, to open new boundaries of tastes for our guests. The creation of new gastronomic delights is inspired by fresh impressions, vivid emotions and, of course, the desire to pleasantly surprise our guests". For the restaurant Floor 41 Arthur Yavorsky has developed an interesting and varied menu that will become a real gastronomic discovery.

Menu highlights

Restaurant in media

If I'm really started talking about the bar in details, then it's a sin to not mention chic glasses for mors and the best bar counter that I saw: it is soft. So much soft, so I'm having associations with a comfortable bed or even with the soft walls in the mental hospitals.

At the top of this tower, if you are lucky enough to get here in the rain, you can be in the center of a thundercloud. The sensation is comparable, for example, with a truffle ball in a shell of cotton candy and cocoa, which recommended to finish the meal in the highest building of St. Petersburg.

If you are not morally ready for the format of the place and the audience, you can seriously be embarrassed: already from the first floor everything is defiantly shining, from the floor and walls to the hostess pins and neckline (there are, literally, two of them: one - specifically for pushing the elevator buttons below, the other sits at the wardrobe above).

Panorama with a view of the city center to the TV tower and further to the Gulf of Finland will be at those who choose the second hall with live music in the evenings, and fusion design - soaring flower beds, a lamp shade of giant braids, walls perforated with patterns which curious connoisseur may find inspired by Russian motifs, and a bar with a stand made of quilted blanket.

The design for Floor 41 was made by Moscow Architectural Bureau ArchPoint. Among the interesting design solutions - a white bar counter, trimmed with a soft cloth, bright plants under the ceiling and a part of the wall decorated with natural moss.

Restaurant Floor 41 was opened in Leader Tower skyscraper on Constitution Square. The building is 150 meters above the ground, and it offers panoramic views of the city. <..> The restaurant's menu was created under the influence of several culinary traditions and here you could find dishes of different national cuisines — Asian, Russian and European — in the modern author's interpretation.